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Support an aspiring health professional this summer as a virtual mentor


Mentors will identify a health care problem or community health need that if addressed will improve health care outcomes and promote health equity.   This can be related to an active project or the mentor’s broader professional interests.  During the program, the mentor will:  1) provide background reading and organize interviews with other health care team members, researchers, clients/patients, and/or community members to help scholars gain a better understanding of a health care problem or community health need and 2) guide scholars in proposing innovative solutions to address it.  Ultimately MERIT Scholars will produce a research poster as the culmination of their summer experience. Potential topics areas include:

  • Improving diabetes care in your clinical setting

  • Improving access to telehealth services in low-income communities

  • Increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates in young adults

  • Decreasing gun violence in 21217


Who We’re Looking For: Health Professionals to support small groups of 2-3 MERIT Scholars  


Mentor’s Role: Provide scholars with guidance in developing an innovative project proposal to address a health care problem or community health need, including connections to health care team members, researchers, clients/patients, and/or community members for informational interviews.


Time Commitment: The internship will take place over the course of 6 Weeks (over the summer). Please expect to work with your group of 2-3 MERIT Scholars on zoom for 1-2 hours a week (timing flexible).  You will also be provided with guidance on additional scholar activities that you can modify as needed to help the group spend an additional 4-6 hours a week productively, through group/independent work, ideation, readings, research, and informational interviews.


Want More Information: Email 


MERIT’s Role: Handle all compliance paperwork, HIPAA training, and broader summer coursework. Training, support, and structure for to set mentors up for success. Provide another layer of feedback and support for scholars throughout the summer. 

Generally Interested in Volunteering?


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MERIT Health Leadership Academy relies on many amazing volunteer undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals in health fields to support our students.​

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