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Mission: MERIT educates and empowers students from underrepresented backgrounds to become health professionals and change agents who advance equity.
Vision: Tomorrow's health workforce will reflect the diversity of the communities it serves.

Our Growth & Future

Over the past ten years, MERIT has grown from a small volunteer group to a successful, innovative 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  In the 2022-2023 school year, MERIT expanded its program to provide support and opportunities for even more future doctors, nurses, and researchers in Baltimore. Our high school program grew this year to serve 94 scholars in two sites (the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and School of Nursing). We piloted our STEM Academy last year, which now serves 60 7th-8th grade scholars. MERIT also welcomed a talented and diverse new cohort of sophomore scholars.  After receiving more than 100 qualified applications, we accepted 35 new MERIT scholars, who represent our most socioeconomically and racially diverse class.  In total, MERIT supports over 250 scholars and alumni.

Scholar Growth over Time 4.png

The future looks bright for MERIT.  We will continue to grow to impact more scholars, while maintaining our commitment to academic rigor and long-term supportive relationships. MERIT's goal to support more than 200 local scholars by 2020.  

MERIT will look for new opportunities to impact students throughout their academic careers. In the 2018-2019, MERIT will grow its alumni program to better support MERIT alums who are pursuing health care careers during and after their college experience.

As health care disparities persist, there has never been a better or more critical time for MERIT and a more diverse health care workforce. It will take all of us to prepare our scholars to become positive agents for change. Together, we can build a coalition of health care advocates able to tackle the complex problems facing our communities.

Together, we can change the face of health care
class of 2023_edited.jpg

MERIT's Class of 2023

Our Core Values

We are champions for change and will not rest until we have created a diverse health care workforce that ensures everyone has access to high-quality health care.


We continuously seek opportunities to improve and humbly welcome critical feedback. Meeting expectations is not enough; we strive to be great. We perceive setbacks as opportunities for learning rather than permanent failures.


We are willing to roll up our sleeves, work long hours, and do whatever it takes to achieve our common goals. Our relentless nature allows us to reach accomplishments others deem impossible. 


We are a family whose bonds stand the test of time. We pick each other up on the toughest days, and celebrate together on the best days. Regardless, we always have each other's backs.


We understand how our present actions directly lead to future consequences, not only for ourselves, but, more importantly, for those around us. As a result, we demonstrate genuine ambition, determination, and a sense of urgency to achieve our goals.

Find out more about how the MERIT Health Leadership Academy is empowering the future health leaders of Baltimore:

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