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Coursework Descriptions

Sophomore Year

Math Foundations

Scholars learn the necessary foundational skills necessary to begin SAT standardized test preparation work during their junior year. Course focuses on key concepts covered in algebra and geometry.


Culminating Assessment: Math proficiency exam

Introduction to Health Disparities

Scholars analyze the complex factors that affect health inequity in Baltimore. Scholars learn about root causes of health disparities in Baltimore through the lens of social and environmental determinants of health. 


Culminating Project: Clinical and health disparities poster


Medical Anatomy and Physiology

Scholars learn about human body systems through a combination of advanced classroom. based instruction and engaging hands-on dissection and clinical simulation activities.


Culminating Project: Clinical and health disparities poster

Junior Year

Early College Apps 

Scholars complete preliminary college application steps: personal statement, resume, and college list draft in preparation for the upcoming college application process in the fall.


Culminating Project: Personal statement, resume and college list completion


Research Foundations

Scholars prepare for their upcoming summer research internship by learning lab safety protocol, basic lab techniques (such as micro-pipetting and bacterial plate streaking), and dilution/solution calculations.


Culminating Assessment: Demonstrated skill proficiency via lab practical exams

SAT Verbal 

Scholars learn SAT-related critical reading skills to prepare to take the SAT. Scholars aim to demonstrate mastery in concept-indexed SAT question types.


Culminating Goal: 10 full-length practice exam completion


SAT Math 

Scholars continue to learn SAT math problem-solving skills to prepare to take the SAT. Scholars aim to demonstrate mastery in concept-indexed SAT question types.


Culminating Goal: 10 full-length practice exam completion

Medical Technology

Through a partnership with Code in the Schools, scholars learn about technological advancements related in the medical field, and underlying S.T.E.M. concepts (robotics, circuitry, data analytics).


Culminating Project: Design a phone app to combat health disparities

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Senior Year

Health Careers Exploration (HCE)

Scholars learn about factors associated with career alignment and satisfaction. Scholars conduct personal strengths assessments and participate in reflection activities to promote informed early-career decision-making. Scholars map the necessary milestones and steps necessary to achieve their desired career goal.

Culminating Project: My Academic and Professional Plan (MAPP)

College Choice and Enrollment (CCE)

Scholars complete college application follow-up steps necessary to enroll in their college of choice. Scholars receive support managing financial aid verification process, choosing a college, completing campus registration/enrollment steps

Culminating Goal: Matriculate into a best-fit college

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College Essay Writing (CEW)

Scholars learn to write engaging and highly compelling personal narratives to meet all supplemental essay requirements for college applications. Scholars learn to write strategic essays that highlight their candidate strengths, professional experiences, and growth. 

Culminating Goal: Supplemental essay completion

Financial Aid Literacy

Scholars learn content knowledge related to the college financial aid system, including topics related to: filling out the FAFSA and CSS profile, understanding financial aid packages, applying for student loans, managing family tax and wage-earning documents, executing financial aid verification steps and applying for strategic scholarships.

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