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Impact at a Glance

MERIT’s program of professional experience, academic support, and long-term mentorship has helped scholars achieve dramatic academic growth and prepared them for success at the next level. Through strong programming and collaborative support of dedicated partners, MERIT has developed a record of promising results.


College Acceptance Rate

What We Do
Dramatic SAT Growth

Scholars’ SAT score growth demonstrates the transformational impact that MERIT has had on scholars. When the Class of 2023 took their diagnostic SAT assessment as 11th graders, their average score was 995 points out of 1600, significantly below the “college-ready” benchmark according to the College Board. Through their hard work and the support of MERIT’s intensive SAT preparation, scholars increased their scores by an average of 130 points this year. As a whole, they averaged a score of 1125 out of 1600 on the SAT, which is above the “college-ready” benchmark for 12th graders. This impressive growth has made the MERIT Scholars competitive applicants to college and provides them confidence in standardized tests for the future.

CO23 SAT DataB.jpg
The Value of Professional Internships



strongly agreed they were "more inspired to work as a health professional"



strongly agreed they "improved their professional skills"



felt they have a role model in a science career

Growing Our Impact

Over the past ten years, MERIT has grown from a small volunteer group to a successful, innovative nonprofit organization. As MERIT grows, we are casting a wider net to impact more young people and build a coalition of supporters and advocates working to increase diversity in health care and improve the health of underserved communities.

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Help Us Change the Face of Health Care
Join the movement to increase diversity in health care and empower youth in Baltimore.
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