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MERIT Scholars: Meet Zion

MERIT Scholars: Meet Zion


By providing long-term mentorship, rigorous academic support, and career opportunities to students underrepresented in medicine, MERIT is working to increase diversity among the next generation of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.

MERIT Scholars are
Advancing Equity in Health and Beyond
The Ideal MERIT Scholar

A 10th grade student 

attending a high school

in Baltimore City


college student


Interested in a career in health or medicine

From a low-income background

Recruiting the Future Health Leaders of Baltimore

MERIT strives to recruit and select a diverse community of young people, united by their goal to improve the health of their communities. MERIT’s record of success has led to substantial interest from sophomores throughout Baltimore. Last year, our program features students from 19 high schools, from Frederick Douglass in West Baltimore, to Patterson in the Southeast, to Baltimore City College in the North. 

MERIT goes through a robust and thorough process to select students who will benefit most from the resources and support offered by our program. Students begin by completing a written application with short essays. Select applicants are invited to attend the Medical Leadership Course (MLC), an opportunity for both students and staff. Students attend 3 Saturday sessions where they participate in role-play scenarios, discussions of current health topics, and teamwork activities. Applicants create a poster presentation about a health care disparity and complete an interview with MERIT staff.  This process allows us to identify passionate and determined scholars who will benefit most from our program.


High Schools

Attended by

MERIT scholars

MERIT scholars are a diverse group of determined and passionate young people, united by their goal to improve the health of others.
Khalid and Scholars
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Learn more about how MERIT is empowering the next generation of doctors, nurses, and other health care leaders:

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