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Transforming Baltimore City High School Students into Baltimore's Health Care Leaders


Ignite the Fire

MERIT Scholars begin their experience with an interest in health care, but we strive to turn that spark into a burning desire. Through paid internships in hospitals and research laboratories, as well as Saturday sessions focused on health care disparities, MERIT Scholars experience how leaders across Baltimore are working to achieve health equality.

Maxwell and Julie

Illuminate the Path

Undergraduate and graduate students serve as longitudinal mentors who show MERIT Scholars what it takes to become a health care professional by example. Mentors help develop a Scholar’s passion, organizational skills, and personal sense of identity and purpose.


Create the Toolkit

Highly effective Baltimore City Public School teachers plan and execute lessons to improve the Scholars’ math and English skills for the SAT, while medical students teach science enrichment lessons about the human body and disease. MERIT Scholars also learn The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens and other professional skills needed to succeed in a health career.


Sustain the Desire

Families, mentors, and a diverse group of volunteers work together to ensure MERIT Scholars have long-lasting academic, professional, and emotional support on their journeys to becoming health professionals. The road is long, but together, we will ensure our Scholars are successful!

Medical Education Resources Initiative for Teens