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MERIT Scholars: Meet Zion

MERIT Scholars: Meet Zion


By providing long-term mentorship, rigorous academic support, and career opportunities to students from underrepresented backgrounds, MERIT is working to increase diversity among the next generation of doctors, nurses, public health workers, and other health professionals.

MERIT Scholars are
Advancing Equity in Health and Beyond
Who are MERIT Scholars?

A 10th grade student 

in Baltimore


college student


From a low-income background

Interested in a career in health, medicine, or STEM.

Our Future Health Leaders and Change Agents

MERIT prides itself on its diverse community of young people, united by their goal to improve the health of their communities. MERIT’s record of success has led to substantial interest from sophomores throughout Baltimore. Last year, our program features students from 19 high schools, from Carver Vocational in West Baltimore, to Patterson in the Southeast, to Baltimore City College in the North.

Throughout the MERIT timeline, exposure to different careers tend to spark a specific passion in each scholar. Whether it is in medicine, nursing, food security, environmental activism, social justice, psychology, engineering, teaching, art, or more, our scholars find their niche and run with it into the future. Nevertheless, one thing that stays the same is the drive to be a champion of change.

Ultimately, we have found ourselves a vibrant MERIT family, sparkling with the unique perspectives, talents, and goals of each scholar.


High Schools

Attended by

MERIT scholars



Erica Wright, Class of 2019

{dont bury the lead} Incentive Awards Program Scholar at UMD College Park, Erica hopes to continue her program as a director and provide opportunities for future peers to engage with her students through our Brancati Fellowship. In middle school, Erica already knew the positive impact art could have on one's mental wellness through an after-school program. As a MERIT Scholar, Erica hoped to share her experience with other children from minority backgrounds who may not able to speak about mental health or express themselves. With Medicine for the Greater Good, Erica started Speak Art, an art program for elementary/middle school kids to learn about techniques and using art to cope. 

Julius Gingles, Class of 2017

Serigne received a ____. He was also awarded the __

Bold the first sentence to highlight college and career goals 

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MERIT scholars are a diverse group of determined and passionate young people, united by their goal to improve the health of others.
Khalid and Scholars
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Learn more about how MERIT is empowering the next generation of doctors, nurses, and other health care leaders:

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