Mentor applications for the Class of 2017 have now closed.  Please check back in the fall of 2015 to apply for the Class of 2018. 



Eligibility Requirements

A MERIT Mentor must be:

  • A current undergraduate, graduate student, or working professional whose career plans include working in health care
  • Enrolled in a school or working near Baltimore City and willing to attend monthly Saturday sessions for three academic years
  • Graduating at the same time or later as the current cohort of MERIT Scholars (this position is a three-year commitment)


Responsibilities and Expectations

Mentors are life coaches. They answer questions about what it's like to be in college or graduatel school, how to set goals, how to manage time, how to stay motivated during challenging times, and how to use effective habits in everyday life.  A mentor's goal is to inspire his or her MERIT Scholar to become a leader dedicated to eliminating health care disparities and to show the Scholar what it takes to get there.

If selected, mentors are expected to attend monthly in-person sessions from February 2015 through May 2017. They are also expected to communicate weekly (phone, email, text, in-person meetings) with their Scholars to form a strong mentoring relationship.


Selection Criteria



  • A strong desire to make an impact in the life of an ambitious Scholar from one of Baltimore's inner-city schools
  • An interest in eliminating health care and educational disparities in Baltimore City
  • Willingness to form a strong relationship with a Scholar even when not required to do so


  • Keeps in touch with MERIT staff on a regular basis and when problems arise
  • Gets in touch with Scholar relentlessly, even in the face of communication problems
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the Scholar is prepared to succeed in college and beyond


  • Responds to emails and completes necessary tasks in a timely manner
  • Attends all required sessions
  • Engages professionally and genuinely during mentor support sessions



  • Is supportive of Scholar and desires to be a key support person for Scholar
  • Forms connections with all MERIT community members, including the Scholar's family
  • Gets to know the Scholar personally and shares information about his/her own work and life

Ownership of future outcomes

  • Understands that the burden of contact between mentor and Scholar is on the mentor
  • Teaches Scholar how to set goals and reflect on outcomes, by example
  • Exposes Scholar to new opportunities